AdoreMe Dolls Cosmetics

At-Home Blackhead Remover Microdermabrasion system


Compact blackhead cleaning machine, this is a beauty instrument with many functions, such as dermabrasion, firming, pore cleaning, acne removal and blackhead suction. There are 6 different sizes of replacement suction cups, which can be adjusted according to your actual needs.


3 adjustable suction levels, suitable for different types of skin.

6 different beauty heads can exfoliate and remove blackheads.

Easily remove blackheads, acne and clean the face, it can also promote blood circulation, effectively reduce wrinkles and keep young.

Skin-friendly, made of high-quality ABS material, safe and non-irritating, also suitable for sensitive skin.

Rechargeable USB charging, you can use the USB cable to charge the pore cleaner anywhere.

Small and portable, easy to carry.

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